School of Professional Studies

Why I wish to complete my degree through the School of Professional Studies

I have taken studies with various institutions in an attempt to make my life and career fulfilling. I have worked with various bodies and organizations and therefore I have gained various experiences which could be helpful in the course of taking the degree. I still wish to raise my profession and competence to a new level by taking a degree course and therefore enhance the evolution of my career. I have made a choice to complete my degree through the School of Professional Studies.

One of the things that fascinate me with the School of Professional Studies is the flexibility of the class schedules which favors working adults. This will be convenient with me because at times I may be out working in order to cater for my necessities. In addition, it is notable that I can take lessons online if need be. To my advantage, I am well versed with online working and communication. Therefore I will be able to study at my pace as the college provides. Notably, the cost of taking a study at the School of Professional Studies is affordable, and adequate resources are provided for sustainable success.

The other thing is that the School of Professional Studies takes students of all walks of life with diverse interests especially for adult learners. The idea of engaging students in partnerships even beyond the classroom for mutual development and practical learning experience is a credit. All through my studies and work, I have been noted for outstanding participation and leadership in group activities. I will be glad to use the rare opportunity to discover my passion and get the necessary guidance to work towards my goals and consequently transform my life and that of my community.